Who is Amanda?

Hey you! I am so happy to meet you. 

I’m Amanda, and my primary purpose in life has always been to encourage others, to believe in you until you have the ability to believe in yourself and to provide tools to help you become the best version of You.

I was once there, confused, wandering, bombarded by negative self-talk and a sick feeling of worthlessness (hence my “Worthy” tattoo that runs across my shoulder). Overwhelmed and without direction relating to my own Well-Being. 

And so my journey began. I became fully immersed in self-improvement, movement, mindset blocks, and self-talk as well as researching different avenues to change my nutrition and my world. I dove into the running world and learned a ton in regards to why fitness helps you in times of stress, trauma, as well as breaking poor patterns/habits.

I see you…. and believe in you, your abilities, your unique self. I want to help you become self-assured, confident, and loved by You! I want you to feel so good that you sparkle and drip drops of worth, beauty, power, and have a divine purpose within.

Most of all, I want you to feel like you are "enough" and that your unique self is of value to this world. I want you to accept your divine place in this world and live up to your full potential (whatever that means to you because that is what truly matters most). 

We can do this together; I am here to walk alongside you and share the tools that are proven to work, give you the support and the encouragement to be and feel the way you deserve.

I'm an email away:)

Lets Bloom Together!

Much Love,


A Bit More About Me

Well-Being Coach, Past Accountant/Number Cruncher, Succesful Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Reiki Student, Intuition Goddess, Self Care Princess, Wannabe Yogi, Encourager, Life Coach, Health Coach, Meditation Student, Self Improvement Junkie, Competitor against Self, Inspirational Book Reader, Motivator, Physical Limits Pusher, Fierce Friend, Smile Maker, Adventurer, Wanderer, Past Moving Queen, Boston Qualifier, Truth Seeker, Integrity Lover, Runner, Mum to Grown Children, Partner, Heavy Lifter, (HSP) Highly Sensitive Person, Deep Thinker, Licorice Lover, Recovering People Pleaser, Equanimity Seeker, Abuse survivor and Always on a Sweet Journey to Become the Best Version of Me.

  • Certified Well-Being Coach @ YogaMedCo

  • Certified Life Coach @ Swiha University

  • Health and Wellness Coach @ Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

  • Liberty University 

Pebble Beach


I will maintain a professional relationship with my clients at all times.

I will guard my clients' confidentiality.

I will not offer advice, counseling, or psychotherapy to a client but will direct them to the right resources, if the need shall arise.

I will never knowingly do harm unto a client. 

I will develop a foundation of truthfulness, integrity, and respect with every client.

I will encourage my clients to believe in themselves, set goals, take appropriate actions and celebrate their successes.

I will provide my clients with a safe and nurturing environment, without fear of judgment or criticism.

I will continuously evolve, grow and gather information and techniques as a Coach to better serve you.



Outer Banks, NC

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