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Believe in Yourself (And Why Nothing Will Work If You Don’t…)

When I think of what I am thankful for this year and the years past, One thing that seems to have made the difference in my life over and over again is that I Believe in Myself.

Nothing, and I mean nothing will work if you don’t believe in yourself.

Nothing Will Work If You Don't Believe In It

Earlier this year I was working with a client in regards to her struggle with losing extra weight. As we walked through the reasons and questions she and I discussed I noticed an undercurrent of something we will speak about here………………First, take a look below.

Here's what she had to say………… (with her permission this is shared)

“None of these techniques will work for me she said (and there were more):

Let your plate control your portion Sure, I can use a small plate, but I'll just keep going back until I feel stuffed.

I just need to find the right diet…… How can normal people possibly do this? I’m good for a week and then bang, I’m up all night eating even more.

Visualize the new you…….My whole family is overweight, I just don’t think I’m built right……visualization doesn’t work for me.

There is something much more important going on here……….do you see it?

What is the recurrent theme throughout all of the questions she asked or the statements she shared? There is an undercurrent of self-doubt and vulnerability. The unspoken thought that drives these questions is, “I don't believe these ideas will work for me.” Or, stated another way, “I don't believe I can make these ideas work. I don't believe in myself.”

A lack of belief in yourself will limit you no matter how great the ideas or opportunities are that you are exposed to. Read that again, if you do not believe in yourself, the best diet in all of the land will not work for you.

The client is determined to think she cannot do what she really, really desires to do. Instead of focusing all that energy on fighting the old patterns of believe, why not work with a coach to build new ones?

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones (in health, in business, and in life) is that successful people are determined to make the situation work for them rather than playing the role of the victim and searching for reasons why a situation won't work.

I you believe that you can make a “thing” work within your life you have to be willing to not just think differently, but to work for it. You don’t have to do it alone but you have to start somewhere with something, and preferably someone to hold you accountable. It starts in the mind.

Belief in Self:

The biggest difference I have seen in people that are successful (life, physically, in business, etc.) is not intelligence but belief in one self.

We all deal with fear, doubt, and failure. It’s what we do with those three things that determines our successes. Will you stop when you fail? Or will you see it as a part of the staircase to successfully reach your goals?

When I started my coaching business and my past business with a partner, I was the only entrepreneur in our family. I didn't have anyone to learn from, but I believed in myself and my abilities to figure it out. Did I fail at times, yep. Did I fear things, especially brand new things I never had done before? Yep. Did I allow it to stop me? Nope.

I believe in myself. This self-assurance has granted me with many successes within life. I didn't need intelligence or opportunity. I needed to Believe in myself. I needed resources at times and support.

Nothing will work until you Believe in yourself.

I believe it’s possible for humans to improve, to grow, and to change unhealthy patterns. This is exactly why Coaching is my purpose, its why I believe in Coaching as much as I do. You can raise the bar within your own life. I believe you can achieve that goal, that dream and that new life you want………………

We just need to get to where you start Believing YOU can.

Much love,



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