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HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People)…..

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

If you wandered upon this page and wondered what an HSP actually is, lets first discuss what it is not.

HSP’s are not winey, overly emotional, crybabies, nor do they quickly fall to pieces over dealing with life in general. We are not “fragile flowers” that are just at the tip of a breaking point….quite the opposite.

HSP’s are a rare breed of individuals that are more empathetic, more sensitive to absorbing others emotions/feelings and are often extremely intuitive. They pick up on subtle clues that others would not pick up on, they process information in a profoundly personal way and pick up on tiny details that others may overlook.

We know when and at times why people are upset or sad even if they haven’t spoken much about their particular situation, almost as if it’s a sixth sense. They quickly sense the reasons why people act the way they do.

Frequently, this will also drain the HSP and time away, to re-charge is needed often to replenish their energy. We often withdraw and to a place (usually) that is beautiful to us, does not over stimulate us, and quiet.

Often, they are human lie detectors and can tell when others are being dishonest or morally challenged. Violence can make us ill, and even watching the news can drain us (this is one reason I do not and haven’t ever had cable TV).

You think deeply and often, everything has a reason, and a solution for us. We process every small detail about every situation which leads us to overthink at times, but also leads us to many answers. As long as we keep a healthy perspective on these thinking patterns.

We feel extremely upset if others are not acting in a morally, uplifting way and tend to distance ourselves from negativity or any type of morally corrupt situations. We are incredibly conscientious people that are continually trying to be and do our best.

So, you may be asking yourself, what are the benefits or blessings in regards to being an HSP? Well….I’m glad you asked, there are many. In fact, I kinda think it is my “Superpower.”


Empathy for others makes us great partners, friends, etc. We feel intense emotions and can understand things profoundly. Our insight makes us great healers, counselors, life coaches, and mentors. We have a sincere desire to use our empathy to help others.

Listening Skills

We are deep listeners and will give you our undevoted attention if you need us. We are great at observing, at sensing what others need at a particular time and are frequently ready to sit with you while you process things quietly.


We see, smell and hear things in an exaggerated way. The birds are chirping, running past beautifully scented azaleas or lilac bushes as the smell is often overpowering, ripples in the water or the sun setting in all its glorious colors. We appreciate these sensory blessings in ways that are intense and can often move us to feel emotions that are exciting.

Home is our Sanctuary

Walking in through my front door provides me with a sense of relief and calmness that no other place offers. It’s my safety net, all wrapped up in its organized, efficient manner that leads me to be the best person I can be, outside my home as well. It's my base, my foundation and is somewhat like a well-oiled machine that thrives on order, beautiful routines, and devotions that allow me to thrive within.


HSP’s are highly spiritual, we often have a daily routine of prayer or meditation, even church affiliation. We are open to learning and sacredness, wanting always to believe there is a greater purpose, a greater higher power than ourselves. We practice many different types of spirituality or religions, but all have an innate sense of belonging and working towards a greater good.

Intuition Warrior

This is by far, my favorite. Deeply intuitive, we are gifted significantly in this area. When you get to the point of trusting your intuition, you will be a great powerhouse. You will have answers and reasons for things that will have a profound impact on your life. It’s indeed a gift to know things, to see them unfold before your eyes and to have all of that information within you.

Keep Searching and Growing…..




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