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Most of us generally desire to be the best versions of ourselves, to grow, to conquer and to do the self-work needed to get there. A Life Coach can assist you with this quest, offer direction, thought-provoking questions, and contribute by developing goal orientated driven techniques.

The connection that develops between client and coach is a powerful connection unlike any other. The trust and communication can catapult you in a direction that you’ve always desired.

So, you're a Life Coach? Does that mean you have conquered life and all of its craziness, its chaos, its beauty and that you are basically so badass that you walk on water? (a common misconception)

Short answer, Nope, Life Coaches are human beings just like you. They are, however, deeply passionate about helping themselves, helping others and about continually moving forward even in the face of adversity and in the shadows of accomplishments. They are a work in progress and very often take part in self-development courses, talks, podcasts, teachings and medications/visualizations. They continually strive to become better and desire to share that with others, so they too can benefit within their own lives.

Life coaches offer you support, encouragement and experience in specialized fields that they have experience in. Most have extensive experience in transforming their own lives, have done a ton of work on themselves, have accomplished goals with their own life coaches or through programs/courses and have had some pretty profound revelations.

They are authentic, genuine and real. A Life Coach will share her own life journey in the hope that it will inspire another to move forward, to push through and to bloom where she is planted. They have flaws, but have a "don't give up" attitude and push forward researching how and why they can build on their shortcomings, or grow their accomplishments.

Life Coaches are unique, and that is why you have ended up here in this very place, you fit together well, you offer something that a client can benefit from, and something that you are skilled at solving. You share, you evolve, and this expertise allows you to distribute the skills, the habits, the tools others will profit from.

Life Coaching is not about having all the answers, in fact, quite the opposite. A good Life Coach will have the confidence to assist you in reaching your "right answers," and you definitely have them with you. A coach is a human tool. A tool that will help assist you with those nagging goals, those nagging doubts, desires and plans that you've placed on the back burner. After a few months, you will become clear-headed, more level headed and have direct goals and desires narrowed down and actively be working on these things.

Passion. A Life Coach is usually pretty darn passionate about sharing what has worked in their own lives, what hasn't and is passionate about helping you write a better story than the one you've been telling yourself. Coaches practice what they preach, and believe that by sharing their own stories, as well as how they have thrived will alter the lives of others and give them the hope and inspiration that they need to handle their own challenges.



The ability to do something that is scary

Stepping outside your comfort zone

Showing up, speaking out

Strength, bravery in the face of grief or pain

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