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Reticular Activating System

When you set an intention, you are partnering your subconscious mind with your conscious will to make something occur. You are sending your Reticular Activating System a message that you are "expecting" the events/or event to happen, and there is no room for uncertainty.

The Reticular Activating System is a powerhouse in regards to gaining the wishes and aspirations of your soul. It can also be used to obtain the opposite or negative consequences of our thoughts, actions and happenings.

The RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it, it then sifts through the information and only presents the pieces that are important to you. You, of course, are oblivious to all this as its working on the inside.

The RAS doesn't know the difference between real or imagined either. Which is why visualization and setting goals, habits, and intentions are powerfully effective.

Example: If you want to be a runner, start telling yourself you are, start visualizing and before you know it, people, things and events are happening to make that running dream a real possibility. You'll see articles about running; you'll meet more runners, you'll see race dates, etc. Of course, we need to do the work as well, training and gaining skills and feeding our minds with valuable information. It’s as if things start happening that will push you towards that main running dream.

You'll create new pathways that will pull you into a new world, and a supportive one at that.

This system works with anything, having a better marriage, setting budget minded goals, fitness goals, etc. Keep them at the top of your mind, set intentions, set clear goals, and focus on them daily. No matter how crazy they seem, if you focus on it, things will start to occur that will make you succeed. The resources you need will begin to appear, all over the place and may even surprise you a bit.

Beware that it can also be for your harm, and you may not even realize you are attracting this towards you. The more we focus on a harmful habit or event in our life, the more, that too, will grow. So, say you've been hurt a few times in some seriously wrong relationships and think all men suck, or are untrustworthy, or are going to hurt you…than you best believe that most of the time you will see plenty of signs, people and events that will confirm that too.

We draw near to us, what we focus on whether that be satisfying or evil. So, if you have a negative pattern that keeps popping up in your life, maybe check out what you are feeding your brain, what you are listening to, and what you believe. Switch it around, think the opposite, even if at first it seems like you are a fraud. Do it anyway, and within a few weeks, I trust you'll feel and recognize the difference.

If you want it, you probably will get it. I'm not just preaching at you; I'm living proof of it (details in a future post). At first, I had no idea the science behind what I was doing and thought it was merely the law of attraction and intense focus, or (gasp) luck. Those first two factors play a significant role, but hard work and the RAS makes it happen (I don't believe in luck).

So, check it out, research it more and reach out to place some more tools in your tool chest. I'm here to help! 😊

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