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Stuck? Steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be

Ever feel like you have an idea of where you desire to be but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Do you have fitness ambitions or personal dreams you think about on a consistent basis? Well, be sure these reminders are deep-rooted within you for a reason. They are your Passions.

Sometimes we need a little help and support to get us to where we desire to be. Here are some simple Life Hacks you can use daily to help you re-direct and focus on your future dreams and desires.


Yep, daily and consistently (I will write a blog post all about the details in regards to this) but for now we will focus on three main points.

1) Name what you want, in particular detail. Write that stuff down somewhere you can see it every single day, better yet...The start of your day is the best time to set these intentions.

2) Set aside 10 minutes a day, even 5 minutes a day if you can't find 10 and say it out loud, speak it into existence. Yep, say that stuff out loud...multiple times daily.

3) Write down how it makes you feel inside. Example: I have defined muscles in my shoulders, I feel healthy and beautiful when I look in the mirror.

Accept your Failures:

Change your perspective in regards to failing. When we fail, we learn, and we grow. We never learn as much when we are on top of that mountain or when we win or do things perfectly. Instead of being upset that you failed, be excited to change the things you need to change. Use it as a guidepost to gain a better understanding of a couple of things you need to sharpen in on, or improve the next time you venture out and try again.

Surround yourself with Supportive, Positive People:

This is crucial and will often make or break a person. Are the ones closest to you supportive, encouraging, helpful, loving and most importantly, do they believe in you? Or are they draining, negative, soul-sucking vampires who challenge your dreams? Are they where you desire to be, or are you attracted to an aspect of them that you wish to build within yourself? Your tribe is a profound part of you and your future. Make no apologies for who is in that very personal circle. Remember this: You will never be criticized, demeaned, or put down by someone doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less. People that accomplish stuff want you to achieve things too, and they know the hard work it takes to get there and will often be your biggest cheerleaders (if they are authentic, positive people).

Do what Energizes you:

Define what drains you first, and stop doing that. Define what energizes you and do more of it. Add more of it to your life. Does a run help focus you? Do you feel on fire after listening to a motivational podcast? Do you find peacefulness after completing a tough yoga session? Does a walk in the woods leave you more calm and focused? Do more of it! Practice Self-Care (love). Commit to being a friend to yourself, a best friend. Talk to her like you would a friend, if she messes up, love her, encourage her. If she does something that should be celebrated, by all means, celebrate! Buy her a fancy coffee, or that gym membership. Take a long bath, get a massage, or take her for a brisk walk while looking and smelling all the beautiful flowers. Watch the sunrise while journaling, or the beautiful sunset on a summer evening. You are the only person you will be with consistently on a daily basis, learn to love her, to be her best friend.

Read Inspiring Stories or Books:

This can be incredibly uplifting, encouraging, and produce some serious motivation for yourself. Listen to podcasts, read blogs or biographies of others who have seriously conquered the stuff you are passionate about overcoming yourself. By reading about and listening to others, it too will push you into taking action and believing you can do it too.

Take Action:

We can talk, draw out plans, and journal all we desire but if we do not take action, we ultimately never gain what we want. A simple tool I learned while reading Mel Robbins's book "The 5 Second Rule" is that the moment you have a thought, a desire, or an instinct you need to act, and quickly. We only have about a 5-second window in which we will either turn our thought into action or completely kill it. Example: If you desire to start running in the morning, set your alarm, and when that alarm goes off you get up the first time: no snooze, no time-outs, no procrastination. Start counting backward, 5,4,3,2,1 and go... Works for everything, anxiety, a goal, an intention, etc. Try it out.

These are awesome, surefire ways to get started on what truly you want to implement in your life. Focus on one or two just this week, and I promise you you will see improvement. I am excited about your future and where this takes you! Reach out and let me know how this has helped you. I would love to hear from you.

Bloom Where you are Planted,



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