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What Does a Health Coach do?

Health Coaching was born into existence out of the deep need for prevention, in terms of taking care of your whole self (mind, body) in the hope to prevent disease and much more. Many people today, especially in the western world, are suffering from chronic illnesses and are not living up to their healthiest selves. Unhealthy nutrition, lack of exercise, and lack of care towards mental health are common. Insert: Health Coach.

Health Coaches take a whole body approach to wellness. Health Coaches are also able to spend time listening carefully to their clients in order to best support each individual on their personal journey.

Health Coach Professionals must complete a certification program in order to ensure their clients that they have the education and resources to be successful coaches. Often they are actively involved in continued education and can pull resources from science based avenues as well. Some go on to be board certified (which is currently what I am in the process of accomplishing so that I can better serve myself and my clients).

During their time in the certification process, coaches study how to best educate their clients and empower them to create lifelong change. They listen carefully to clients’ concerns and how to best motivate individuals and families to stick to their programs and achieve their wellness objectives. They “Hold Space” for you and are walking along side of you as a supportive team member.

Health Coaches are able to inform you on simple lifestyle changes that could improve your overall wellness.

You could pop headache pills for a headache you have every afternoon but a health coach might hear all of this and take an altered look and approach to this issue. The Coach might inform you on the benefits of exercising consistently, the effects of certain foods or liquids on mood and energy, and the importance and amount of greens and vegetables to have on a daily basis. Most importantly, the Coach will motivate you to stick to your plan, encouraging you right along the way.

Virtual meetings/Zoom (usually bi-weekly or monthly) are designed to nurture a relationship between you and your Coach, she will be your accountability partner, encourage you, and help with any challenges you have.

Prioritizing your wellness will allow for incredible things to unfold within your life. And, as mentioned above, Health Coaches will teach you how to make healthier life choices which work for you.

Who Should Hire a Health Coach?

· people embarking on ambitious wellness plans

· people that desire to be their best selves

· people embarking on exercise plans or goals

· people who have not been able to meet health objectives in the past

· people who require lifestyle changes to support medical intervention of illnesses

· healthy individuals looking to up their nutrition support

· parents and families

· couples that desire to live their best lives both nutritionally and physically


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