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Why I won’t follow a specific “Diet”

I get asked sometimes if I do paleo, vegetarian, keto, how I count or keep track of my macros, or do I simply just count my calories? The answer is ‘’No” to all of the above.

Why? And…..let’s just start off by reiterating that I’m a Wellness Coach not a Nutritionist and this is a personal decision that works for ME. (No judgement here on any of the above diets). I will share my personal story and how this type of attitude and decision regarding food has worked for me.

I love eating healthy because it makes me feel great, exercising also makes me feel so much better mentally and physically so I continue on the course I’ve laid out and tested for myself. I was not always active nor did I focus on health until I was in my twenties and the activity did not come until I was well over my 30’s.

Growing up I ate anything but healthy, most was processed TV dinners served for dinner, mixed with an occasional home cooked meal (like chicken and pastries). That’s just how it was, when we know better we do better and lack of knowledge was at fault here (by no fault of family). We do the best we can until we know better and gain knowledge.

When I had my own children I began being more concerned with health and their well-being. It was a fun time of discovery, we were active vegetarians for years and healthy home cooked meals and snacks were the norm. I focused on whole foods and I learned about purchasing from local farmers, why organic is preferred and that food is truly medicine. I naturally controlled my weight and felt pretty amazing without trying. I followed Dr. Sears at that time and he offered a lot of whole food options, I was instantly drawn to his methods. I respected his way of life and dedication to wellness as a family and this was a main reason I chose his program on my personal quest to obtain certification to become a Wellness Coach.

I focus on whole foods, the perimeter of the grocery store, and lean meats and fish. Water, as well as a healthy amount of veggies and fruits. I supplement often as well. Example: soy sauce needed? I use Brags Aminos instead. Sugar? I use natural sweeteners like honey or collagen in coffee. There's a ton of different substitutions that I use, have grown accustomed to and actually prefer now.

It is really easy to get confused between being ‘skinny’ and being ‘healthy'. I was thin prior to being healthy but was not healthy at all. There's a large difference in the two and being healthy far outweighs simply weighing less, both internally and outwardly.

Putting a ton of pressure on myself has never been the way I thrive, in fact it causes the opposite. I tend not to thrive and become hyper focused on my food choices and lifestyle. Which ultimately made me break and choose unhealthy options because I felt pressured to be perfect. Fast forward to today and I am much more relaxed. Yes, health is extremely important to me and 85%-90% of the time I choose healthy options but I give myself a little grace and you know what? It works perfectly for me.

I know how confusing this change in lifestyle can be in the world we live in but it truly does not have to be. The last thing everyone needs is more pressure, more stress and lack of support. I get it, that’s why Wellness Coaching is so close to my heart.

If you get ONE thing from this blog post- give yourself grace, be kind to your body and love yourself. You do SO many amazing things every single day. You have an amazing opportunity every day to get up and LIVE and LEARN. I am sending you all the positive vibes and all the encouragement to go out there and love yourself authentically.

and if help is needed.....I'm an email away:)

Much Love,



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