Outer Banks, NC

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Amanda helped me focus and develop a plan for my life, my health, and my self-care. I was standing still and she helped me see there are so many different things I can control! I have a plan now!


I am pretty amazed, within 3 sessions I realized I have way more power than I ever thought. I was stuck in unhealthy patterns, a poor relationship and lacked direction. Amanda helped me develop a plan and she held me accountable. Completely recommend her!

Pam E.

With Amanda's help and support, I have taken control of my body. I am more concerned about the quality of the food that I eat and how it’s prepared. I “spend” less on junky foods and more on the things that I really love now (my taste buds have changed).   I’ve lost eleven pounds so far, and the support/encouragement is by far the best!


Amanda is an overcomer, and seeing her now doing this I can say that you're in the best of hands for a coach that is passionate about what she does. I highly Recommend her, give her a call and see for yourself

T Calvio

Amanda is my mother and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and unending love even in my addiction. She offers honest and beneficial help for anyone looking for answers or just a new way to think of life or even live life. She offers top of the line addiction support as she has dealt with it first hand and also has a background education in addiction, nutrition and wellness! Contact her today

H. Smith